The Darkside of The “Cap”: The Controversial Salary Cap

PBA team owners PBA/Nuki Sabio

The event where  Alaska is going to announce that Tim Cone is leaving the organization had lead to a controversy that would surprise PBA fans. Fred Uytengsu, even before announcing the departure of Tim Cone, told the media about a certain issue concerning the Philippine Basketball Association’s salary cap.

Uytengsu asked the media, “Why did Willie Miller leave when he’s already getting

Tim Cone leaves Alaska after 22 years

the maximum salary? Why does Joe Devance want to leave, when he’s earning P350,000 a month and coming off a championship? Isn’t our P350,000 as good as the other team’s P350,000? It’s the same P350,000.”

Although the league’s maximum salary is P350,000 and Alaska had the highest payroll last season, the Alaska management still questions why did Willie Miller and Joe Devance have to leave Alaska even if they are earning the maximum salary. At this time, everybody who attended the press conference were shocked with what the Alaska CEO revealed.

In spite of Alaska having the adequate amount of budget for the players’ salary, “You guys know there are players who make P500,000 or a million a month” Uytengsu said, referring to the other players from other teams receiving more than the maximum salary in the form of side deals.

But with Alaska not having the ability to answer to the players’ demands, they are more likely to lose the negotiations with their players and they could see them losing their valuable players to other teams that are more capable of paying the players with the maximum salary or even more.

Furthermore, according to the PBA media bureau there are 15 players who received the maximum salary in their careers. These players are, LA Tenorio, Sonny Thoss, Tony Dela Cruz, Joe Devance, Reynel Hugnatan, Kerby Raymundo, James Yap, Joe Devance, Ranidel de Ocampo, Kelly Williams, Asi Taulava, Reynel Hugnatan, Mark Caguioa, Danny Seigle, JR Reyes, Gary David, Gabe Norwood.

Yeng Guiao (left) greets 2nd overall draft pick Paul Lee (right)

However, it looks like there is another player who is announced that would be earning the maximum salary and for everyone’s surprise, he is just a rookie. A freshly drafted UE red warrior, drafted 2nd-overall by Rain or Shine, Paul Lee. According to some reports, Paul Lee will be earning P150,000 a month in his 1st year, P225,000 a month in his 2nd year and P350,ooo a month in his 3rd, Lee’s contract is the highest deal a rookie could get.

In addition to that, Rain or Shine signed Paul Lee for 3 years which which is worth P8.7 million.

But if the “secret” deals would continue, it is not surprising if Lee would get traded to other teams which are capable of paying him as high as P500,000 per month.

The league should act now and stop this mess before it gets out of hand or we could experience a localized version of the lockout in the PBA.

Talk about dreams coming true for the young rookie and nightmares for the league.


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