Question of The Decade: Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather?

Mayweather (left) and Pacquiao (right)

Another question the sports world has in mind…

Who’s the best fighter in this generation pound for pound?

Manny Pacquiao or Flord Mayweather?

This rivalry is unlike any other rivalry in sports because these guys haven’t even met yet face to face. This rivalry is all hyped up, you don’t even need a  press conference to create excitement for this fight. The “Super Fight” is the “Thrilla in Manila” of our generation. In the boxing world, this fight is crucial for the future of the sport.

Basically, this fight doesn’t need any promotion.

Even the legends are talking about this fight, for example, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Iron Mike Tyson, Suar Ray Leonard, Lennox Lewis, Sylvester Stallone and the greatest boxer of all time Muhammad Ali all picked Manny Pacquiao to win. However, some boxing greats like Bernard Hopkins is for Floyd Mayweather. This “Super Fight” is ready to happen even though these boxers haven’t signed any contract yet.

And unlike the Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan rivalry, this match-up is possible to happen.

But in some cases, Floyd wouldn’t let the fight happen.. for now.

Floyd’s Case

Floyd “Money” Mayweather

This fight is depending on Floyd Mayweather’s hands. Believe it or not, Floyd has the final say whether this fight should push through or not.

Is he ducking Manny?

Is he hiding and stalling?

Floyd, for 2 years now, has only one reason why this fight should not happen. He accuses that Manny is using steroids and that is why Manny became stronger and bigger every time he goes up in a weight class. Floyd wants Manny to go through a standard style of drug testing and as well as some random tests.

Floyd even wants Manny to go through some test before the day of the fight.

If Manny would accept and go through the test before the fight, he will be weak during the fight. But Floyd doesn’t care whether he’d win just because his opponent is weak because of all those blood taken out from his body during training camp. Many people, even experts, are saying that Floyd is just scared to lose and have a blemish in his perfect record. Floyd has risked his legacy as a hall of fame fighter just to have a perfect record to boast.

Actually, Manny accepted the conditions Floyd wanted. But after accepting Mayweather’s conditions, the so-called “Pretty Boy” went A.W.O.L. and negotiations stopped. Then reports broke out that he decided to fight Viktor Ortiz and eventually, Manny decided to have that deciding fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Floyd Mayweather showing off his 6 belts

Is Mayweather using the Ortiz fight to stall his fight with Pac-Man?

Is Mayweather using the Ortiz fight to make Manny wait and fight Manny out of his prime and have a bigger chance to defeat him?

We’ll never know.

Imagine if this fight would not happen, how will you remember Mayweather? Floyd “The best boxer who never fought the best” Mayweather? Isn’t that embarassing? Would you rather risk not fighting the best and beat the lesser opponents  just to maintain your undefeated record or lose to the best in the world?

He said he is not hiding from anybody, he said he is not scared of anyone, he said he is the best in the world. If he’s not hiding, why is he not showing his face to the judge in their court hearings? If he’s not scared of anyone, why does Manny have to take the test if he’s confident winning the fight? If he’s the best in the world, why not fight his best opponent?

We all know records doesn’t define a legacy, and that your legacy is defined by how you fight and who you fight.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, this fight is bound to happen and when this happens, it will surely be a blockbuster fight and could possibly go down as one, if not, the greatest fight of all time. This is a 100-million dollar fight, and these boxers are crazy if this fight would not push through. There’s too much money for this fight not to happen, there are too much legacies involved to let this fight go. This fight is potentially, the greatest and biggest fight in boxing, and these fighters know it.

If this fight is going to happen, Mayweather should train hard and bring his A-game then bring it to another level to beat Pacquiao. He should stray away from his care-free ways and not take Pacquiao lightly.

On the other hand, Pacquiao will also have to notch his fighting level higher to beat Mayweather. But certainly, Pac-Man has the skills to beat Mayweather, and Mayweather has the skills to beat Pacquiao and that’s why this is the best for the both of them.

Furthermore,  this fight would define their careers. This fight will  determine who is really better, who is really the best pound for pound in the world and who is the greatest in our generation.

Or in some cases.. the greatest ever.


Who is the best pound for pound boxer in the world?

Moreover, when this fight happens, there will be only 1 winner. A draw will not be allowed in this fight.

Everyone has his/her opinions on who will win this fight and most of them, even the experts, will say that Manny Pacquiao will win over Floyd Mayweather.

Yes. Technically, Mayweather is a better boxer, a counter-puncher with a great defense to boost.

To beat Pacquiao, Mayweather has to let go all of his techniques in his book, and with that, he should have a great defense all over him and watch out for those fast hands of Manny. Pretty Boy is an expert in defense, he has a great chin, but most importantly, he is also fast and agile and that makes him able to weave his way through the punches of his opponents. We must not forget that Floyd is an expert at slipping punches with great accuracy. With his great speed, awesome technical abilities, versatility, and stamina, you have the ideal fighter that could threaten fighters like the Pac-Man.

But still, Manny Pacquiao is as great of a fighter as Floyd Mayweather.

Manny Pacquiao celebrates after winning over Miguel Cotto

Manny has quick, and I mean, very quick hands. Some would also underestimate his understanding of the game, and we all know when you underestimate your opponent, you are bound to get beaten up. Pacquiao is a smart fighter, even if it doesn’t show when he tries the “rope-a-dope” impersonation of Ali, he is still a savvy fighter that you should not underestimate, ever. Pac-Man has improved his defense tremendously, with fight after fight, his defense would show the amazing improvement that Freddie Roach would take credit for. The constant head movement, that great footwork, that amazing agility to weave through punches and his awesome ability to throw three, four and even five counter-punches to his opponent.

No doubt, Manny Pacquiao is a beast, that anyone wouldn’t wish to fight.

Furthermore, Manny Pacquiao is a great fighting machine who overwhelms his opponents with lightning fast punches that would hit you so hard and so fast, with a blink of an eye, you will wake up staring at the ceiling . Literally, just ask Ricky Hatton, he found that out the hard way. Manny Pacquiao has that kind of a power and speed that you wouldn’t realize he has unless you fight him.

To defeat Mayweather, Manny has to have a fast start. He has to pressure Floyd right from the get go, and get close to him so that he could neutralize Floyd’s long bombs and allow him no space to breathe. Pacquiao has to force Floyd into the ropes and at the same time, he has to move quickly to avoid Floyd’s counter punches.

When the time Pacquiao has released his bombs of annihilation, Floyd will be in big trouble. Those bombs are big and strong and moving so fast that it’s impossible not to hit him.

Pacquiao will force Mayweather into a slugfest, and will overwhelm Pretty Boy with vicious punches that would force him to change his nickname to “Not-So-Pretty Boy”.

At the end of the day, the winner will deserve his rightful legacy…

Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao 8-time World Champion

… and will be remembered as the greatest ever.


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