For All The Marbles: PCCL Tournament

The banner of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League

The country’s biggest Collegiate tournament is the Philippine Collegiate Championship League (PCCL).

In this league we will have the chance to witness our country’s great young talents battle each other for pride and glory. This league offers not just prize money but the bragging rights and nation-wide glory. For me, this tournament is just like the US NCAA with collegiate teams all over the country battling it out to be the best team in the country.

This tournament includes the leagues in Manila (NCAA, UAAP, MNCAA, NAASCU, ISAA, UCLAAI), North-Central Luzon (PRISAA, UCAAP, BBEAL, Vigan Cup, Student Body Organization Athletic Asoc.), South-Luzon Bicol (NCAA-South, NBOL, Quezon, Sorsogon, Legaspi, Tabak), Visayas (CESAFI, Leyte, Ormoc, Iloilo, Negros Oriental), Mindanao (COSAA, CDO BF, Gen-San, Zamboanga, Sibugay, etc.)

One more thing, we may also get a chance to see another chapter to the everlasting rivalry of the San Beda College Red Lions and the Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles.

As you can see, the PCCL is much bigger than the more popular UAAP and NCAA and there are so many schools that are gearing it up for the main prize, to be the one and only National champion.

Furthermore, we want to give you our Top 2 prediction for this tournament.

WARNING: This is not a prediction of the National-champion, we will just share our fearless forecast on the 2 schools that we think that are headed to the PCCL’s championship round. The Final 4 will have the NCAA Champions, UAAP Champions, Luzon-Manila Regional Champions, and the Southern Islands Regional Champions.

Let’s Start.

San Beda College Red Lions 

San Beda Red Lions

They swept last year’s NCAA Tournament and they finished this season number 1 again in 6 straight years.

They  have Garvo Lanete the King Lion, a deadly outside shooter that can drive to the basket. They have Jake Pascual a great post defender and rebounder that can also shoot from 7-12ft. They have Rome De La Rosa, a great hustle player, that can lockout opponents on D and that can run and finish the break with the best of them, if not THE best finisher in the country. They have Dave Marcelo, a wide body inside the paint for the Red Lions that will block and alter any shot and rebound every ball that is on his sight. They have the Semerad twins with DJ manning the paint while Anthony is also an outside threat. They have Baser Amer their prized rookie, and the best rookie other than Kiefer Ravena. Actually he is the NCAA equivalent of Kiefer and their match up is crucial when they face each other in the future. San Beda also has a DEEP bench that can contribute throughout the game. San Beda has a great coaching staff that will keep the Red Lions composed through out the PCCL tournament. Last but not least, they can release Superman from it’s cage even if he”s hurt. Sudan Daniel hasn’t played a game this season because of the ACL he sustained against Ateneo last summer. If Coach Frankie decided to let him play, San Beda has a big chance to win it’s first National championship.

The Red Lions has what it takes to win it all and be crowned the National champion but they need to stay together and all of their players to step it up a notch higher for them to win it all.

Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles

Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles

The 4-peat UAAP champs are a force to be reckon with.

They are not the 4-peat champs for nothing. They have a one of a kind team. This team has chemistry and fortitude. They know how to play with each other just like their original rivals – pertaining to the San Beda-Ateneo rivalry from 60’s to the 80’s – San Beda.

They have Nico Salva, a former San Beda Red Cub and now a finals MVP of their latest championship. A good perimeter and post scorer and defender, Nico can do it all. They have their captain Kirk Long, one of the best defenders in the tournament and one of the best finishers along side Rome De La Rosa. They will surely have a great match up. They have Emman Monfort, a small point guard but has a big heart and combined with his lethal range beyond the arc and the courage to take it inside he will have a great match up with Anjo Caram. The King Eagle, Greg Slaughter, is a towering figure standing at 7 feet tall. Good post player that can give you 10 rebounds and 5 blocks a game, Dave Marcelo and Jake Pascual and even Kyle Pascual will definitely have their hands full. But if Sudan Daniel will play, this will be another story. They also have their veteran captain Bacon Austria and with Tonino Gonzaga, they will give the Blue Eagles a spark of the bench. They also have coach Norman Black, a great mind that backs up the Blue Eagles with great motivational skills. Lastly, they have the Phenom, Kiefer Ravena, UAAP’s reigning rookie of the year and at the same time a contender for its MVP award. Kifer Ravena has the IQ of a pro and skills and experience of a veteran, but he has a lot to grow to reach his full potential. He and Baser Amer will absolutely have the eye of the whole nation.


List of the national champions since 2003

This will be a very tough match up for both teams. The result of the tournament will depend on who will get the top spot and get the twice to beat advantage. The Final 4 teams will have a round robin to see who will get the top spot. The #1 and #2 teams will get to bash it out in the finals and the top seed will get the advantage. This match up can go to any team, and we can’t really predict a clear winner because both teams are tough and very talented. This will be an amazing match up, and with both teams reliving their rivalry again, San Beda and Ateneo will surely play their best for them to prove that they are the best in the nation. San Beda will be looking for their first PCCL crown, on the other hand Ateneo is looking for a 3-peat. There’s a big prize that is up for grabs, and we all know these 2 teams will do whatever it takes to win it all.

There can only be one.


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