Pacquiao-Marquez III: Third Time’s The Charm

Manny Pacquiao (left) Juan Manuel Marquez (right)

The third and final edition to this epic trilogy is upon us. Brace yourselves folks because this is an exciting ride.

This is the ending story of the long and crazy rivalry of PacMan and Marquez. Actually, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want to watch the fight, in fact, I am very confident that a hundreds of millions of people are going to watch this third fight. This fight will be epic, amazing, great, outstanding and every other adjective that you could connect with this fight. For short, I cannot even explain the importance and intensity of this fight.

I’m going to confess something, I’ve been longing to write an article about this fight a long long time ago but I cannot gather words for this epic saga. I can’t describe in my own words what this fight really means to me, for Manny, for Juan Manuel Marquez, for the world, and for boxing. We’ve got a lot of rivalries in boxing but this one is up alongside of the names of Tyson and Holyfield, Barrera and Morales, Duran and Leonard and most of all, the greatest rivalry of all time in boxing, Ali and Frazier. Pacquiao and Marquez is up in those ranks, and we all know another Pacquiao fight, supposedly with Mayweather, should be the second to Ali and Frazier’s name or even higher in that list.

I have to admit, I’m drunk-writing right now. (For your information, drunk-writing is when you are drunk and you write articles or blogs, like I’m doing right now.) I apologize if I’m messing up my words or you can’t understand what I am talking about.

So ok, let’s begin with our short analysis of the fight.

For Pacquiao’s strategy

Manny has to be careful, right from the start. But he shouldn’t be tentative with his punches. He needs to be confident but wise with his attacks, he needs to get his guards up every single time so that he won’t get hit with Marquez’s counter-punches.

PacMan should utilize his side to side movements and outstanding footwork like what he did with Dela Hoya, Cotto and Mosley. He needs to pressure his opponent with his jabs and 1-2 punches and quickly moving out of Marquez’s sight for him to get away from his counters.

He needs to be wise, he needs to keep on dancing on the ring, moving from left to right, and dump that “rope-a-dope” strategy because he can be in danger when he do that tomorrow against Marquez.

Finally, DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE. We all know Pac’s great attacks are unstoppable, he is too fast and too strong but when it comes to a counter-puncher like Juan Ma, defense is the key. He should be ready, when he engages with Marquez, he should be ready for a punch or two from Marquez. He has to weave his way right after giving his combinations and flurries.

Marquez’s Strategy

Juan Manuel Marquez is a counter-puncher, he is the closest person other than Floyd Money Mayweather who has a big chance in stopping the 8-division World Champion.

He needs to be careful of Pacquiao’s combinations to the body and stinging rights and lefts to the face. Actually he needs to have great eyes for him to see his punches. Marquez needs to be patient and wait for the right time to counter-punch his way into Pacman’s guards.

Defense is also his key in winning this one, and in fact, defense is also his key when he drew and lost (or in his words, got “robbed”) in the last 2-fights with PacMan.

He needs to stay on his feet, and he needs to be great with his footwork so that he could keep up when Pac’s attacking. He needs to stay away from the ropes and corners and obviously, he has to stay away from the mat as well. Dinamita, is a great counter-puncher, no doubt, but also he has some strong punches as well.

What he needs to work on is his awareness or boxing IQ, he needs to be wise with his attacks and he needs to be aware on where he is positioned in the ring. He needs to have some quick eyes so that he could block and weave his way through Pac’s combination and if the timing is right, get that counter-punch out.


I am a Filipino so obviously I am rooting for Manny.

Without any bias whatsoever, I got Manny beating Marquez in KO on the 8th or 9th OR a unanimous decision win over Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny is just too fast and too strong for Marquez, and Manny’s defense has improved and is now even better. His footwork has also gotten better. Manny can take punches to his chin and body but won’t even flinch, that’s how solid he is.

Manny’s speed will come into play with this fight, obviously he will win in that aspect. With Marquez climbing up the weight ladder, we wouldn’t know if he’s speed and power will still be there. For Manny, his power and speed are always there with him whatever weight he is in, he is unbelievable.

Manny will win. Enough said.


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