Pacquiao-Marquez III: Who Really Won?

You may agree or disagree, but you can’t hide the fact that Manny Pacquiao won.

Manny won, he won with the thinnest of hairs, and closest of gaps but a win is still a win. No doubt about that. He did not win impressively as he always do but there are still clear points that Manny won. You can say Marquez won or something but do you really think that he won?

Yes he caught Manny with those counter-punches, those right hooks to the face and really got inside Manny’s defense. Do you really think Juan Manuel “Dinamita” Marquez really won the fight? For me, at first, no doubt it was Manuel’s fight. In the heat of the moment, my heart is pounding like a jack hammer, all hyped up and nervous, my ears patiently waiting for the winner’s name to be called, my eyes doesn’t know whether to open, to watch who wins or to close to avoid the agony of defeat. For short, I expected Marquez will win the fight. I judged without looking at the stats, not weighing in the situation that they had been in.

I judged without knowing anything. I judged and gave the win to Marquez with no doubt.

Now, Michael Buffer held the mic and said “and STILL…”, and I know that Manny won.

I jumped off my chair, held my hands clenched in the air cheering in the disbelief and excitement that our Pinoy hero, once again, won his fight over his fiercest rival.

Manny Pacquiao is the champion once again.

I did not know what to think, and in fact, I didn’t believe what I heard. I got Marquez winning this. But then again, I was so happy celebrating Manny’s victory with the whole Hard Rock Cafe screaming holding their hands high up in the air all smiles and laughs, some are clapping, some are in sheer awe, but one thing is for sure.. They are in the state of rejoice.

After all these things..

Looking back, who really won this fight?

We Are Ready To Rumble

The introductions was great.

The crowd is electric.

All we are waiting for is the fight.

After all the great introduction show, it’s time for them to touch gloves. It is the time to rumble.

Let’s cut to the chase, the first round was where all the measurements and sizing up happened. They traded jabs, they measured each other’s reach, and the went on to feel the intensity of the fight. The “warm-up” round (1st round) went to Pacquiao with his aggressive attacks. Round 2 is another story. Marquez came back, traded punches and caught Manny with a couple of huge blows. 2nd round went to Marquez. The 3rd round is close to call, they traded punches, they shared highlight punches or what not but Manny got those rounds because of his aggressiveness.

The Dynamite Exploded

Dinamita exploded in the middle rounds, specifically the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th rounds.

He was pulling away from Manny, he is going loco. He can see the finish line and Manny cannot stop his rage. Juan Manuel Marquez is gathering all his anger and giving his all for this fight. Once and for all, he will prove that he is the better man. Marquez, did a great job throwing not just a counter-punch but he threw counter-combinations at Pac-Man and overwhelmed Pacquiao with stinging right hooks right in the middle of Pac’s face. Marquez is hurting Manny, and it is no fluke.

He exploded. He exploded like a dynamite inside Pacquiao’s body, Manny didn’t know what to do.

Then something great happened. Something hard, stubborn, and brave happened.

..It’s Manny’s heart.

Manny Pacquiao happened.

Do Not Count Out The Heart Of A Champion

Manny’s heart is alive. Ready to answer the Filipinos calls.

In the 9th round, even if not all of us saw it, Manny Pacquiao chose not to lose. He chose not to let his people down.

He chose to win.

Manny Pacquiao, from the start of that 9th round, trounced Marquez with lefts and rights, he pressured him as if he was trying to carry his team back into a basketball game. Pacquiao did the unthinkable in boxing, he was clutch. Manny got the 9th round. On the 10th round Manny continued what he trained for, he did everything he can do. He threw punches at Marquez, he overwhelmed him with his speed and power. From there on, the 11th round was clear that it is for Pacquiao’s taking. Manny came back like a blizzard, he came back strong, he was like shooting turn around jumpers over his defenders in the last 2 minutes of the game.

He is carrying back his country to the mountain top.

On the 12th and final round, Marquez and Pacquiao exchanged blows, exchanged everything they have and yes, including the kitchen sink. Marquez hurriedly pressured Manny for him to get some points but Manny, with his enormous heart, said “no”. He chose to fight back, he didn’t want to lose, he stepped forward and gave Marquez his “Pac-Pac Boom” punches. Pacquiao pressed Marquez all over the ring and with the instinct and familiarity of Marquez’s counter-punching skills, he backed off at the right moment to avoid Marquez’s right hook to his face. That was a smart move with a furious and frustrated Marquez coming his way. It is under-appreciated but clearly its Manny’s boxing IQ decided to back off and didn’t exchanged anymore.

Manny Pacquiao Wins

Manny Pacquiao won, however not in a convincing manner.

He did not win impressively, and obviously, Marquez, the #3 ranked Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the world, did not gave it to Manny easily. Marquez is a tough fighter, and everyone’s praising his defense and counter punching skills but what we don’t truly recognize about Marquez is the fact that he is a great attacker too.

In that Mayweather fight, Marquez and Mayweather waited for each other, and eventually, Marquez gave in and attacked Mayweather. Marquez was forced to attack Mayweather, that’s clearly not his style of fighting. With his speed, he cannot attack Mayweather effectively than Manny and Marquez is not that strong either and that’s why Mayweather caught Marquez countless of times.

In this fight Manny was the aggressor. Marquez waited for Manny patiently before striking. As the challenger, that is wrong. You should attack the champion, you should be aggressive because you are chasing his title. He won’t hand it to you or go give you his belt, you should take it from him.

Marquez looked like he was going for it in those middle rounds but, no, he stopped fighting when he realized he’s ahead on the score cards. He stopped and got complacent. He thought he got Pacquiao’s numbers but it backfired. Pac-Man came back, and he came back amazingly, that we won’t recognize this comeback at this time.

For short, Marquez did not perform convincingly that the judges would give him the win.

In fact, even if Marquez got some clear shots to Pac’s face, he still trails Pacquiao in the number of power punches thrown, landed and percentage.

  • Stats -> Manny Pacquiao: 176, Juan Manuel Marquez: 138, Power Punches: Manny Pacquiao 117, Juan Manuel Marquez 100. Jabs: Manny Pacquiao 59, Juan Manuel Marquez 38
  • Power punches thrown- 274 PacMan, 254 Marquez; Power connected- 117 PacMan, 100 Marquez; Total thrown- 578 PacMan, 436 Marquez; Total connected 176 PacMan, 138 Marquez

Big difference with the amount of punches. Clearly, Marquez did not really gave Pac big damages, on the other hand, Pac gave Marquez big damages with his not-so-clear blows. Pac-Man is absolutely the aggressor and that’s why he got the points.

So I think Manny Pacquiao is the real winner. No doubt about that. He did not gave up unlike Marquez who is celebrating and assuming that he won, Manny after the final bell rang, went to the corner and prayed.

Manny is not lucky, he is blessed.

So are you really convinced with Marquez’s win or are you just disappointed that Manny did not KO’d Marquez?

Congratulations Manny. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.


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