Calm Before The War: Top 6 NBA Teams In The Pre-Season

This is a crazy off-season and with only 2 weeks until the tip-off of the season the league is still scrambling and players keep on changing uniforms, one after the other.

The NBA said “BIG things are coming”… Well they’re right, I’m sure there are big things yet to come.

This off-season was centered on Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Both of them are superstars, franchise players and could get you to the promise land, the NBA Finals. Both of them can change the future of a team in a blink of an eye. Look what CP3 did to the Clippers, he turned the Clips from a “no-wonder”Β to a contender. Mean while in the East coast, Dwight Howard is still looking for a way to either get his team (Magic) better or go to a better team via trade. Talks between the Magic, Nets and the Lakers are still going on but it is losing its steam. Until then, Dwight will have to stay in Orlando and play for the Magic.

Enough of these “hooplah” and let’s talk about business..


6. Los Angeles Lakers

It is not right to write of the Lakers out of the list of contenders this year when they still have Kobe Bryant hanging around.

But they did take a BIG step down regarding that Lamar Odom for a trade exception ($8.9M) and a 1st round draft pick from the reigning, defending NBA champions the Dallas Mavericks. We can say it all over again, that deal is bullsh*t unless they get Dwight Howard. I understand their position that they’re getting ready for a deal that would send D12 and Hedo Turkoglu’s contract to LA but still, that deal with the Mavs is not reasonable because of the fact that the D12 trade is still not sure. Bad move for the 16-time NBA champions. Mitch Kupchack (Lakers GM), by this time I am sure you know that Laker fans are mad.

On the bright side, they have Pau, Bynum and Kobe. We all know Kobe’s knee has gotten a lot better throughout the off-season. We all know those high-flying highlights last July in Manila right? With Kobe being pissed with that Lamar Odom trade, we’re surely going to get an angry and better Kobe this season. They just have to get some bits and pieces to surround them, perhaps a PG, reserve SG and another big man. Oh yeah, the Lakers added sharpshooter Jason Kapono, energetic and hustle player, Josh “McBob” McRoberts, former slam dunk champ and good wing defender, Gerald Green and a rookie 6″9′ Forward in Malcom ThomasΒ from San Diego State. With Mike Brown’s focus on the defensive end, we will surely get a better defensive LA team. With Matt Barnes saying “We’ll be a monster in the defensive end” this is a scary warning for the league.

But still, that Odom trade.. I don’t know what will happen to the Purp and Yellow.

5. Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks, the defending NBA champs lost its starting center, Tyson Chandler to the New York Knicks, JJ Barea to the T-Wolves and Caron Butler to the Clippers. Then they got Vince Carter, Delonte West and Lamar Odom.

Yes. The Mavs is a team that stepped back also this pre-season. They got smaller, and less better in the defensive end.

Until they get another center that would back-up Brendan Haywood, there will be a liability in the paint. Odom cannot play the center spot, but he could provide length to the Mavs. But he isn’t the presence in the paint that they will need against stronger and bigger teams. VC is an aging superstar, and we quite don’t know if he still have the x-factor to play in a high level game in and game out. I cannot say anything more about these Mavs because obviously everyone is ignoring the champs again, and that is a bad thing to do. They are comfortable in the “dark-horse” role, and they don’t mind if they’re not on the spotlight unless Khloe Kardashian would argue about it. With Dirk, Marion, Odom, Kidd, Haywood they still can contend but we have to remember they have gotten weaker in this off-season.

4. Los Angeles ClippersΒ 

Yes. Chris Paul and Blakeshow together.

From Stockton to Malone, Payton to Kemp and now Paul to Griffin. SCARY!!!

There’s a new show in LA and you have to watch it. The Clippers acquired CP3 via trade that would send CP3 to LAC for Kaman, Gordon, Aminu and a first round draft pick (acquired from the T-Wolves) to New Orleans. I’m just thinking, after Chauncey Billups was acquired by the Clipps via Amnesty (waived by the New York Knicks), they still traded for CP3. I mean, they had a solid roster that boasted, Blakeshow, Billups, Williams, Aminu, Gordon, Jordan, Kaman, Bledsoe, Gomes, and Foye. That is a solid lineup right there. But the Clipps took a risk, and got quality over quantity. They made it possible, they turned the City of Angels to the City of Alley-Oops. Even without Gordon, Aminu and Kaman, they will still be a contender with their city rival Lakers and the Mavs stepping down, they could find themselves in the playoffs this season. They will surely get you off of your seats.

There is a new show in town.

3. Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls.

What more can I say?

They have the coach of the year and the MVP. Surely, they’re one of the top 3 teams in the league right now, some would even argue, they are the best but they would still have to prove it to the rest of the league.

With Tom Thibodeau’s defensive expertise, the Bulls will surely give the other teams a hard time on the defensive end. With D-Rose getting better, he will surely have a crack on the MVP plum again this year. Joakim Noah is also a monster down low, he could easily get a double-double of 10pts and 15rebs and bonus, 3blks in a game, and combine it with Luol Deng’s 19pts 8rebs 2stls 3/5 from beyond the arc, the Bulls is a hard team to beat and we’re not even talking about Boozer and Rose’s numbers of 16pts 10rebs and 25pts 8asts 2stls respectively, teams will have an exhausting night guarding these Bulls. Oh yeah, they even improved on their SG spot, they just inked Richard “Rip” Hamilton. Rip will give them that energy and perimeter shooting that they will need throughout the season and playoffs. Surely, with this acquisition, the Bulls have gotten a lot better.

I can see it now, “Easter Conference Finals, Bulls vs Heat”.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder up! That’s what they’re saying in Oklahoma this past few years.

We can’t blame them because the Thunder are making loud noises out there. For sure, they’ll storm in this season searching for a ring.

A young group of talent mixed with experience and court savvy, they will take your breath away. Kevin Durant will lead them once again with his exceptional scoring abilities and defensive mind, together with Russel Westbrook the scoring PG that could match up with the best players in the league they’re a duo that would give you a scare. But do not forget about the beard, FEAR THE BEARD… James Harden. JH13 is an amazing shooter that could create his own shots wherever he is on the court. He is an up and coming all-star and you can take that to the bank. Serge Ibaka, the athletic big man from the Kongo, a great leaper with great timing equals 10+rebounds and at least a block a game. He is a big presence in the paint for the Thunder, but the anchor in the paint for them is Kendrick Perkins. Perk has gotten leaner and meaner this off-season so the league should watch out. After they lost to Dallas last season in the playoffs he called Durant and said he is sorry that he is out of shape and going to train hard in the off-season. He followed through that promise and came in to training camp with less body fat and more muscles.

Watch out for the Thunder I tell you.

1. Miami Heat

Somewhere out there, these 3 kings are smiling, not because they almost won a ring last June but 2 of their rivals have gotten weaker.

But nevertheless, the Heat are training hard to redeem themselves and prove to the world that they are the best team in the NBA. Lebron James. Dwayne Wade. Chris Bosh. Scary isn’t it? They are the reason why the league is going crazy this off-season, and they are just happy because they can now focus on improving and ignore all these off-season transactions going on. But they added a key player themselves in Shane Battier. A defensive wing player, a furious defender that will defend anybody out there. Lebron and Wade is smiling because they know they have Battier on their team now. Battier is also a great three point shooter and also a hustle player that would dive for loose balls. They also added Eddy Curry, who also lost 50-pounds this off-season, but I still doubt what he will give to the Heat. LBJ’s 25-7-7, Wade’s 25-5-5 and Bosh’s 18-10 will carry the load for the Heat once again, and I will take their numbers anytime, anywhere. We cannot hide the fact that the Heat will be a great team for a long while.

Oh yeah, these 3 did scored an unbelievable feat, they all scored at least 30 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a single game. that’s 90pts and 30rebs already! Crazy!

With these 3 still here, the Heat will surely have many NBA Finals games in the future, no doubt.


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