Comeback Post: The Lakers Are Sinking


So I’m back after 6 months(?) of absence..

Nothing has changed, in fact this is getting worse for the Lakers.

My last post was about the playoffs last season. I virtually skipped the NBA Finals, the off-season and the first 2 months of the NBA season.

Now I’m back writing about the supposedly “new and improved” Lakers team.

Just like Titanic, they are sinking very fast. We all know the story, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Mike Brown to Mike D’Antoni and the dissing of Phil Jackson.

Fast forward….

The Lakers just lost to the Grizzlies, Jordan Hill will have surgery, Dwight re-aggravated his shoulder, Steve Blake still out, Pau coming off the bench, the story of Earl Clark, Kobe starting to get pissed answering one-liners in the post game interviews, and Mike Antoni’s last name has no D.

One word: TRAGIC

This isΒ a disappointing, tragic, horrible, disgusting season for the purple and gold (or bronze, or copper, or just plain old rust). They have no life. They know their problems but their true problem is they are not doing anything about their problems. Yep, 3 problems in one sentence, just how the Lakers’ season is doing right now. PROBLEMATIC.

  1. No heart
  2. No hustle
  3. No energy
  4. No defense
  5. Injuries
  6. Coaching
  7. Turnovers
  8. Management
  9. Sense of urgency
  10. No defense

Yup there are many problems for the Lakers and they don’t know how to solve it. See how I repeated defense? The Lakers are 5th in the league in the points category but they’re still giving up a lot of points to their opponents.

There are a lot of trade rumors swirling around but they’re not the solutions to their problem. The Lakers should be slapping themselves with every problem they have right now because apparently, they don’t really understand what those are. Every game, the Lakers will just give you 1 good quarter and 3 quarters of.. uhh.. death. I’m a Lakers fan, but I tend to keep it real. They are the worst team right now. They’re not playing on an NBA type of level. A starting 5 that includes Kobe, Dwight, Nash, Pau and MWP should be scary, should be the best. But that’s just not the case anymore. The Lakers are even struggling to get to the playoffs. That’s how bad it is. Some odds would tell you that there is a 80% chance that the Lakers WON’T get to the playoffs. WOW.

It’s time to play with intensity, with urgency, with PRIDE. Lakers, your defense sucks, you close outs, you guys don’t even box out, wing men from beyond the arc are getting offensive boards while your 5 is just standing there watching. The offense isn’t the problem cause we’re getting 30+ quarters every game. We can score. BUT the Lakers are getting more consecutive turnovers than defensive stops.

Defense is the main problem Lakers.

Everything starts with DEFENSEΒ and will eventually end up with aΒ CHAMPIONSHIP.


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