The Air Apparent

By Joma Ablay

Kobe Bryant (left) and Michael Jordan (right)

Kobe Bryant (left) and Michael Jordan (right)

I don’t want to spark a debate or anything, I posted this article for one thing and one thing only and that’s to appreciate the greatness of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

We saw the rise and end of Jordan’s career and now we are seeing the last stages of Bryant’s. Before this is all over, I just want everyone to stop arguing about which one is better and just marvel at these two legends. We tend to take things for granted so that’s why let’s just stop all the hating and just appreciate every ounce of hard work and dedication that these two had given us. Well, actually, Michael Jordan’s career is now being adorned and celebrated all over the world but still a lot are hating on Kobe’s. It is not about being the best of the best, but sometimes, it’s just appreciating that someone is giving his all each and every night for his team, his city, his family.

Jordan is the greatest ever, we all know that. We’re just lucky to have a “reincarnation” of him inside of Kobe. We’re just lucky to watch both of them overcoming all of the adversities in their careers and just be the best in what they love to do.

I’m not here saying that the other is better than the other..

But instead..

Just being thankful for these two legends.

Here are some few great clips that displays the greatness of Jordan and Bryant:

From MrObamanos

From MrPennyccw

From Youssef Hannoun

From Dee Smith

From MaxaMillion711


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