2013 – 2014 NBA: Dallas Mavericks Preview

By Joma Ablay and Oliver Nobuta


The Big D, Dallas Mavericks!

The former NBA champs that won in 2011 against the big three of Miami Heat. Last year was a down year for the Mavs finishing 41-41 and not making the playoffs in years. The Mavs struggled last year due to Dirk’s health and without establishing an identity.

But enough of the past.

Past is past as they say…

The Mavs has significantly improved their back court by adding free agent Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon. Acquiring Monta Ellis would really take the pressure off from Dirk to scoring too much and the presence of Jose Calderon gives the Mavs stability and a playmaker.

Lets start with Jose Calderon. He gives the Mavs a playmaker that would help stabilize the offense of the Mavs. He is a 10/10 guy, pretty much an underrated player. He will make Dirk’s and Monta’s games better by simply finding open looks for them. I’m really high on this guy because he brings experience and maturity to the team. While Monta’s scoring prowess will be displayed again because he is now playing for a bigger market compared to Milwaukee.

Another important free agent signing is Devin Harris, that can give instant offense off the bench when he is healthy.

As for the bigs, they signed Dejuan Blair, Samuel Dalembert and resigning Brandon Wright. Every true Mavs fan are happy about this resigning, because Wright brings shot blocking and can provide offense if needed to. While Dejuan is undersized he is an old school player that likes to bang and rebound against the bigs, though he still has a lot of improvements to make but he has the skill and potential to prove to coach Carlisle that he deserves the minutes. Samuel Dalembert may be 70 years old but he brings the defensive mentality that the Mavs need. Dalembert needs to be the anchor of the team if the Mavs want to come back and play for the playoffs.

Last but not the least Dirk Nowitzki.
He is still a superstar in this league when he is healthy, last year was tough for the Mavs because of the injuries that they had. They did not build the chemistry that was needed to win games, but given that he is healthy this off-season the Mavs’ upcoming season is looking bright!

Mavs fans should be excited this year, because of the free agents signings and mainly for Dirk.

Season Prediction
46 – 36 7th seed in the Western Conference.


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