2013 – 2014 NBA Season Preview: Brooklyn Nets

By Joma Ablay and Oliver Nobuta



The newly improved Brooklyn Nets is a scary team from the East. We know, we know, they got old. But still, when you have Deron Williams at the point, Joe Johnson and Paul Pierce on the wings. Kevin Garnett andBrook Lopez down low, for sure you’ll be a tough team to beat. Now, Joe Johnson won’t have to take 20-25 shots per game with Pierce playing with him. Actually, they can compliment each other. They can be decoys, in fact, all of them can be decoys for each other. It’s scary because all of them can score. All of them can score from the perimeter, all five of them can also take advantage of mismatches and take it to the post. Also, each one of them are good off-ball players.


At the same time, they’ll be a tougher team defensively with KG being the anchor on defense. Brook Lopez, too, is a pretty decent post defender himself. As for their Williams, Johnson and Pierce, well, look at it this way, all three of them can guard multiple positions, I can see them switching everything on D so that it will hard for the other team to score and get open shots. If you take out let’s say, Brook Lopez and put KG at the 5 spot and another new addition in Andrei Kirilenko then it’ll be even harder for small lineups such as the Heat and maybe the Thunder and Warriors. They are a very versatile team, both on offense and defense.


The addition of the Celtics – Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry – will give the Nets an extra intensity and maturity as a team. Also, they got what they lacked last season, which is championship experience and these three are NBA Champions. These three will give them that killer instinct that they need for the long haul. Imagine the likes of Reggie Evans, CJ Watson, Alan Anderson and Andre Blatch playing with the same kind of intensity what Glen Davis, Tony Allen, Eddie House, Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson gave the Celtics from a few years ago. It will be a big boost for the Nets.


Jason Kidd. The future hall of famer became the Nets’ head coach this off-season. Some are a little bit off with this move but what is important is that the players are buying in Jason Kidd’s system. Alongside his former coach, and also former Celtics assistant coach, Lawrence Frank, Kidd can transition smoothly from the court to the bench. As long as a basketball genius like Jason Kidd is on your team, then it won’t be a problem for you to listen and take notes from him. Clearly, Kidd has the respect of the whole organization and sometimes that’s the only important thing.


50 – 32, third in the East.


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